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Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?
The story behind my user name is probably fairly obvious-I am a lover and collector of books! It is common knowledge to those who know me that I buy more books every week than I could possibly read. It is almost an obsession. I don't really collect 'collectible' books, though there are a few first editions I'd love to posess. I just imagine having a room one day when I can afford a larger house, filled with books on beautiful bookshelves from ceiling to floor. I even want a coule of those ladders in there!

Maybe it's reminisent of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, only not a cartoon room, and not so large! I just love books. I plan on reading every one I buy but when I finish one book I don't always go to my shelves and grab another. I usually go back to the bookstore and buy two or three more. I love the idea of what lies within the pages-other worlds, stories of lives I've never known, romance beyond imagination, hatred that sends chills up my spine, historical dramas that sweep me back to another time or place.

Books are magic.

As for the 79, it simply is for the year I was born. NOthing too exciting there. :)