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(I coppied this from another entry)
This is gacked off the RT message boards: 
Give me 15 random facts about you as a reader. 

1. I didn't like reading until my early teens. I remember sitting in Mr. Tipton's 4th grade class 'reading' The Jungle Book-unabridged-and day dreaming.

2. The first book I read that I considered a 'big book' was The Borning Room by Paul Fleischman. I can't remember what exactly it was about but I know the main character was a girl named Georgina, I think. I had to be about 9/10 years old or so. I just loved it.

3. The first young adult book I read was Children of the River by Linda Crew. I picked this out at the Adelanto Library and I loved it. I guess I was about 11/12. 

4. I really got into reading at the age of 13 when I discovered my sister Missy's collection of romance novels. I fell in love with Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, and Judith McNaught.

5. My favorite Romance novel as a teenager was Through a Glass Darkly. Next to that, I think The Taming by Jude Deveraux stuck with me as well. Can't say that the book is really any good now, but for some reason, as a pre-teen, I just cried and cried over that novel. Plus for some reason when I hear Soul Asylums The Sun Maid it reminds me of that book.

6. I am slightly obsessed with books. I buy them like they are about to be wiped off the face of the earth. I think I just am too ambitious for my own good. I'll never have time to read all of them but I keep buying!!

7. I've stayed up all night reading before.

8. Reading Maria Snyder's Poison Study made me want to try and write my own fantasy story.

9. My all time favorite novel so far has to be The Other Boleyn Girl. I just loved it.

10. I know that I'll never read as good, nor as fast as my mother or my sister Katie. They read everything. But I'm learning to accept my own style of reading-even if it is more picky and a bit slower. ;)

11. I have to admit that I do judge by the cover. I get attracted to the pretty books-even if they end up being no good.

12. I hate lending out my books and not getting them back.

13. I desperatly want to read more classics-Dante's Inferno, The Canterbury Tales, Wurthering Heights, East of Eden....on and on. I need to read more classics! 

14. My dream is to join a book club locally. I think it would be wonderful. 

15. The thing I love mose about reading is that it can make the ordinary extraordinary and the boring so much more than that.